The Moyna Group


Welcome to the Moyna Group Webpage

Thanks for visiting the website of our group at the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry (DC&B), University of the Sciences in Philadelphia (USciences).

We are interested in the application of experimental and theoretical methods to the study of the interactions of molecules with their environment at the atomic level. We do this through the use of a variety of tools, including synthetic organic chemistry, NMR spectroscopy, and computational chemistry. To learn more about the main areas of research in the laboratory, all of which fall into the realm of physical organic chemistry, check out the research tab on the top of the page.

In addition, Prof. Moyna and members of his group are in charge of a number of graduate, undergraduate, and training courses. Information related to these courses can be found in the teaching section of the site.

Other sections of the page give you information relevant to the activities of the group. Feel free to browse through the site and send us a comment.