Teaching Activities


Current Courses

Principles of Organic Chemistry I/II (CH-211/CH-212)

Applied Spectroscopy (CH-767)

RMN Avanzada (FQ-2009)

Other Courses

Biochemistry (CH-341)

Principles of Chemistry Lab I (CH-113)

Principles of Chemistry Lab II (CH-114)

NMR Workshops

Together with colleagues from several Universities and Colleges, and under the direction of Donald Bouchard from Anasazi Instruments, Inc., Prof. Moyna participates regularly as an instructor in workshops aimed at disseminating the use of NMR spectroscopy throughout the undergraduate curriculum. Visit the Anasazi workshop site to learn more.

NMR Training

Members of the Moyna Group are also in charge of training new users of the NMR facilities. Depending on the number of people interested one-on-one or group training sessions can be arranged. Contact us for more information.